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1. bhadanta
(adj.) venerable; reverend. (m.) a venerable person.
2. bhaddanta
(adj.) venerable; reverend. (m.; adj.) venerable person.
3. vuddha
(adj.) old; venerable. ◊ (adj.) old; venerable.
4. ahuneyya
(adj.) [a grd. form. fr. ā + "hu," cp. āhuti] sacrificial, worthy of offerings or of sacrifice, venerable, adorable, worshipful D III.5, 217 (aggi); A II.56, 70 (sāhuneyyaka), 145…
5. ayasmant
(adj.) [Sk. āyuṣmant, the P. form showing assimilation of u to a] lit. old, i. e. venerable; used, either as adj. or absolute as a respectful appellation of a bhikkhu of some standing (cp.…
6. ayasmantu
(adj.) venerable. (lit. having a long life).
7. garu
(adj.) heavy; serious; grave; venerable; honoured. (m.) a teacher; instructor.
8. guru
(m.) a teacher. (adj.) heavy; venerable.
9. pujaneyya
(adj.) entitled to homage; venerable.
10. pujaniya
(adj.) entitled to homage; venerable.
11. pujaraha
(adj.) entitled to homage; venerable.
12. vaddha
(adj.) augmenting; increasing. ◊ (adj.) old; venerable.

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