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1. atidukkha
[ati + dukkha] great evil, exceedingly painful excessive suffering PvA 65; Sdhp 95. In "atidukkhavāca" PvA 15 ati belongs to the whole cpd., i. e. of very hurtful speech.
2. dukkhantagu
(dukkha + antagū), (m.) one who has conquered suffering.
3. dukkhanubhavana
(dukkha + anubhava), (nt.) undergoing of punishment.
4. dukkhapagama
(dukkha + apagama), (m.) removal of pain.
5. dukkhapeti
(deno. from dukkha) afflicts; causes pain; hurts.
6. dukkha
(nt.) suffering; pain; misery; agony; discomfort.
7. anta‹1›
[Vedic anta; Goth. andeis = Ohg. anti = E. end; cp. also Lat. antiae forehead (: E. antler), and the prep. anti opposite, antika near = Lat. ante; Gr. "ἀντί" &…
8. attan
(m.) & "atta" (the latter is the form used in comp‹n.›) [Vedic ātman, not to Gr. "ἂνεμος" = Lat. animus, but to Gr. "ἀτμός" steam, Ohg. ātum breath, Ags.…
9. upadhi
[fr. upa + "dhā," cp. upadahati & BSk. upadhi Divy 50, 224, 534] 1. putting down or under, foundation, basis, ground, substratum (of rebirth) S I.117, 124, 134, 186; A II.24…
10. upanita
[pp. of upaneti] 1. brought up to or into (mostly -~) Th 2, 498; Sn 677 (niraye), 774 (dukkha~), 898 (bhava~); J III.45 (thūṇa~); IV.271 (dukkh~); Nd‹1› 38; Dh 237 (~yaya = atikkantavayo…
11. abhitunna
(tuṇṇa) [not as Morris, J.P.T.S. 1886, 135, suggested fr. abhi + tud, but acc. to Kern, Toev. p. 4 fr. abhi + tūrv. (Cp. turati & tarati‹2› and Ved. turvati). Thus the correct spelling…
12. adhivaha
[fr. adhi + "vah"; cp. Sk. abhivahati] a carrier, bearer, adj. bringing S IV.70 (dukkha~); A I.6; Th 1, 494.
13. anubandhana
(nt.) [fr. anubandhati] that which connects or follows, connection, consequence J VI.526 (~dukkha).
14. anubhavana
(nt.) [fr. anubhavati] experiencing, suffering; sensation or physical sensibility (cf. "Cpd." 229, 232‹1›) Nett 28 (iṭṭhāniṭṭh-ānubhavana-lakkhanā vedanā “feeling is characterised…
15. anupatita
[pp. of anupatati] “befallen”, affected with, oppressed by (-~) S II.173 (dukkha~); III.69 (id.); Sn 334 (pamāda~).
16. apanudana & apanudana
(nt.) [Sk. apanodana, fr. apanudati] taking or driving away, removal Vin II.148 = J I.94 ("dukkha~"); Sn 252 (id.); PvA 114 (id.).
17. apayika
(adj.) [also as "āpāyika" (q. v.); fr. apāya] belonging to the apāyas or states of misery D I.103; III.6, 9, 12; It 42; PvA 60 (dukkha). ◊ (adj.-n.) [fr. apāya] one…
18. avakkanta
(-~) [pp. ofnext] entered by, beset with, overwhelmed by (instr.) S III.69 (dukkha~, sukha~ and an~).
19. dukkhiyati
(deno. from dukkha) feel pain; be distressed.
20. anupatati
[anu + patati] 1. to follow, go after, J VI.555 anupatiyāsi Subj.). — 2. to fall upon, to befall, attack Vin III.106 = M I.364; S I.23 (read ~patanti for ~patatanti) = Dh 221 (dukkhā); Th…

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